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Distractions and Other Excuses

Forgive me writing gods, for I have been distracted. I haven't written a word on my new novel in nineteen days. I haven't researched new agents pending the three new rejections I got recently. I haven't yet decided what to do with my fourth unpublished novel. True, I wrote one blog, but I am not sure that counts. Blogs are merely streams of consciousness. They are thoughts that one allows to spill over into the public domain. Forgive me writing gods, for I have been distracted. I have other excuses. Real ones: like a new baby, an empty car battery and other chores that are simply more urgent, like making the time to shower. I state these excuses matter-of-factly while I type with three finge

Recalibrating After Major Disruption Is a Major Opportunity

We are creatures of habit. All of us. Sure, some of us like spontaneity, improvisation, and consider ourselves to be 'unpredictable', but when you boil right down to the core, even being consistently unpredictable is habitual. Even though I, personally, welcome change and embrace it – I am no exception to this statement. Recently my routine has been turned upside down. It was one of those massive changes that were predictable . . . to get personal for just a minute: when you are pregnant, you just know that your life at the end of the pregnancy is going to change. It is a no-brainer. And not just your life – the lives of all those in your nuclear core as well as those in the ever-expanding c

Tell it Loud, Tell it Proud – Author's Day, 2018

Two years ago I began writing my first novel. It was a spontaneous activity: more or less based on a sudden whim. I had left my previous work place, was trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. It was clear to me that I would update my resume and start looking for another job in the corporate world. But then, I sat down and I started to write. It wasn't that simple mind you. The first book that I wrote (The Perfection of the Glass Lemons) began as a conversation – oral banter between my husband and I, as we were vacationing on the Neapolitan coast of Italy. Only, my fingers became 'itchy' and I sat down to type it out. I surprised even myself. When that was done, the second book that





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