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Creating a Pandemic of Virtual Greetings & Goodwill

— I extend a virtual handshake to you all and wish you a great day, wherever you are. — These are stressful times. Some of us have been directly affected by the dastardly virus. Others are in seclusion waiting for the hammer to fall, or not. There are those amongst us who are trying to continue as normal, (whatever the new normal is). Mundane and reflexive bodily functions are like loose hand grenades. Sneezes are time-bombs. Joggers, close talkers and huggers are imminent threats. We are living in a time when the polite handshake is to be avoided, a hug — evaded, a high-five — eschewed, a kiss — is more like a death wish. With this common-sense breaking of societal norms, a pandemic of susp





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