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When You Give The Audience More Than They Bargained For. A Public Speaking Cautionary Tale.

Twenty seconds before I was about to get up to pitch to a crowd of two hundred people, one of the organizers of the pitch competition whispered to me "your shirt's on backwards, I can see your label." Twenty seconds and I needed to make a decision – flip my shirt around in front of the crowd, or keep it on and take the chance that it will distract me during my sixty second slot. I made a decision: hoping that the dashing master of ceremonies, bright lights and general excitement were enough to distract the crowd, I did the old shirt swivel. You know the one where you bring your arms inside the trunk of the garment, and turn the neck around to face the right way. Now, many people say that whe

When Teams Sail Along Smoothly. Is it Enough?

If you look for the definition of the word TEAM in your browser, chances you will come across something like this: TEAM noun a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport. verb come together as a team to achieve a common goal. The question of the aim of a team has been on my mind lately. I have managed large teams and small teams. I have managed global teams and local teams. I have been on a "team of one", where all the roles and responsibilities were split between me, myself and I. (Yes, I know that is technically not a team, but it certainly feels like one). And now I am in a "co-team" set up, where "co" means that my partner and I both have equal responsibility to le





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