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Secrets That Are Not Meant to be Shared

I have a secret that I am not sharing. It isn't something bad, traumatic or illegal. It is a happy secret, a good thing, a ray of sunshine. It is just personal and I don't feel like letting everybody in. If you are in my life on a regular basis, you will know already to what I am referring (one can't hide all secrets all of the time). For those of you who do know my secret – maybe you have understood my reticence on the subject, and maybe you haven't. Either way, it is a moot point, the rest of the world will find out when the time is right. So what's the big deal? I am under no obligation to spill my guts. In contrast to my previous post, wherein my personal stuff seems to be spilling over

How Personal Should I Get?

With two completed novels currently looking for publishers, I have turned my hand to writing something new and 'completely different'. Firstly, it is a genre that I have never written in before – Young Adults – and secondly, I am finding that vast parts of my writing are somewhat autobiographical: incidents from my childhood, memories, interactions, real people and real places. Sure, the writer and her psyche always slip in somehow, whether we acknowledge or deny this; whether it is intentional or an act of the subconscious. And, it is true that 'write what you know' is a well-known mantra for all writers... it is easier to have an authentic voice when you write from your inherent experien

To the Person on the Verge of a Major Life-Changing Decision

You know who you are. I know that you are nervous. I know that there are pros and cons on both sides of your decision. I know that your thoughts and incessant mulling over the issue is weighing you down. I know that the decision you need to make affects you not only professionally, but will also have a major impact on your personal life. I know this scares you. In all decisions there is often the easier, more convenient path. And then there is the alternative – the road generally not taken, because it is scarier, unknown, riskier. It is trite to say that taking a new path may lead to greater rewards and optimal self-actualisation. (Then again, it may not. There are no certainties. There are


I'm an hour away from a business meeting. The meeting is to discuss how a particular business in the tourist industry can expand it doors to more tourists, more avenues, and of course, more revenue. I have three models ready to be used in order to capture and align existing resources versus future investments, amongst other things. These models have been tried and tested. Some of them have been around for over forty years. I have used them before and I will definitely use them many more times for any strategic planning or analysis. Yet, I am tempted to throw them out the window and to try something completely different. I call it ImagineNotion. ImagineNotion is when creative thinking leads





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