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The Real Agents of Change

I recently had the good fortune to work with a client with a vision to design a technological solution for her non-profit company. The vision is simple: it is a solution designed to make the world a better place, to bring people together and strengthen the ties between them. The entire interaction got me thinking about the choices that we make about our professions. Some of us become bankers, shop keepers, some of us, artists. In our day and age there are entirely new professions that didn't exist a decade ago. Within each profession we carve out ways for our humanity to shine. Some of us mentor, others volunteer, yet others support by providing money or other resources. Then there are thos

When Writing Goes Wrong—10 Things That Get Writers Down

There are so many things about the writing process that I love. It doesn't feel like work when you enjoy doing it. However, there are several phenomena or "things" — if we drop the literary attitude for a brief moment — that do affect my productivity as a writer. Here they are, (in no particular order). Writer's Block The most infamous of vibe killers. Everyone experiences writer's block at some point. It is that insurmountable wall that suddenly appears out of nowhere, like an endless blockade between you and your act of doing. Climbing is futile. Tunnelling below is a waste of time. Walking around is meaningless. You just have to wait/keep busy/distract yourself until the wall disappears.





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