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Scaling the Heights — 7 Conundrums of an Early Stage Startup

There is something fundamentally challenging about building a startup. I speak from very recent and ongoing experience. While it is an education on turbo boost, it can also be profoundly and suddenly restricting. Imagine driving full speed on the high way and then hitting a brick wall. Just an image of course. The startup scenario doesn't end in anything more dramatic than backing up and trying again and again and again. Here are some early stage startup conundrums to consider: The romance is over. Keep the love alive The idea that began as a tiny spark is now a full blown fire. It has taken you over. You have left your day job, your salary, your comfort zone. You have dreamed about making t

The Green Patch of Gratitude

In the town that I live, hidden between two bustling main streets, there is a tiny patch of green. By no means has this grassy patch any right of existence. The city has eaten up so much of its land. Like a hungry teenager, its appetite knows no limit. The city has grown wide and tall, and continues to sprout. This tiny patch should have been devoured. And yet it remains. Every morning, when I step out of my home, I hold my breath, expecting to find the edges of the green grass turning into grey asphalt. In the afternoon, when my day is done, I tentatively look around to see tell-tale signs of construction, demolition and municipal decrees. But the patch remains obstinately in place. Everyon





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