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#MeToo and Voices That Share

You don't need to be immersed very deeply in social media culture to feel the enormous magnitude and impact of the #MeToo campaign. Millions of women, and indeed many men as well, have begun a global dialogue on issues that are intense, hard to share, and, in some cases, life-changing. It is my personal belief, that this dialogue is only the beginning, and that we will see many movements, activities and impactful events that will emerge in the years to come. It has been both difficult and meaningful to listen to the voices that are emerging and the stories that they are sharing. This is not a paradox: medicine is often hard to swallow, but we still need to take it in order to heal. Years fro

Is Writing a Dying Act?

Is it just me or are we forgetting how to write? I am not talking about the content, or the concepts, or the "things" that we contemplate and discuss, I am talking about the physical act of holding a pen - or some other writing utensil - placing it with intent on a surface and moving the hand deliberately from point to point in order to create letters, words, sentences. I always used to have a pen on me in order to write errant thoughts, random ideas and to record significant moments. Now that pen is there mostly to satisfy my need to doodle incessantly or to use the delicate nib in order to 'Reset to Factory Default' in whatever appliance is acting out. When, for whatever reason, I am requ





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