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A beginning is never just a beginning

It is the storyteller's prerogative to begin a story from any time and any place. This may sound counter-intuitive, but I rarely begin a story from the start. Or else, if I do, my start will morph and evolve many times before it becomes the formal point of beginning. We like to believe that we are in control: of our lives, of our journeys, of our work, of the people around us. But, in truth - while we are imagining ourselves to be forging ahead - we are actually a mere talking point in someone else's narrative. This may sound depressing, but it isn't meant to: all the people who are in your life, are part of your narrative too. The idea that we are all an asynchronous chorus, that sometimes

Blog if you dare...

I am quite new to blogging and I have given this a ton of thought. OK, maybe not a ton, but definitely more than just "a lot": bloggers are brave. I am not saying that we are all nice, do-gooders who are "out to change the world", or that our content is all legitimate, interesting or read-worthy. But I am saying that the act of blogging is not for the faint hearted and here are some reasons why: (1) Your Mistakes Are Out There Most formal - and some informal - forms of writing are edited and put through several filters and reviews. Blogging isn't. Your content and your writing are open immediately to scrutiny and criticism. Got a typo? Say something that in hind sight you probably shouldn't





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