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Unlocking Stuck Thoughts by Engaging with Your Senses

It's not uncommon that one has a creative thought / idea / solution to a problem that flickers like a candle in the dark. You can feel the light, the warmth, the resolution of the thought, but try as you might, it still remains dim and distant. Many of us have strategies to release these stuck thoughts. These strategies may vary: from distancing oneself from the vision flicker, to – quite the opposite – engaging it head first and bombarding the mind with thoughts about what the flicker could represent. If these methods work for you – that's great! But, I would like to present an alternative a model in which you engage with your senses in order to turn the flicker into a fully-fledged light.

An Update From the Land of Rejection

A brief recap. I finished my third novel about three months ago. Instead of self-publishing: arranging marketing, blog tours and posting my book using the many channels available to us indie-writers, as I have learnt to do from previous iterations, I decided to take the plunge and try the traditional publishing route. So what has happened in the past three months? Not much in terms of what I would call a successful outcome, but a lot of progress in terms of my personal learning experience. As promised, I am providing an update from the land of rejection. Previously I had three requests whose emails were returned as a result of system errors, or faulty addresses. These numbers have not chang

The Effervescent Power of Positive Thinking

It's true that life is not all moonbeams and sunshine. It can be really hard. I am not even talking about the big scary stuff – like disease, solitude, poor living conditions, and other hardships. I am talking about normative day-to-day things in which decisions need to be made, logistics need to be arranged and contact with people who inadvertently (or not) rub you up the wrong way needs to be had. You know...the little stuff. Which one of us hasn't taken a deep breath when entering a room to speak to a person who will definitely say the wrong thing, at least once? Or, for you parents out there... I know that people say that teenagers shrug or roll their eyes, but I seem to have almost per

The Truth About Certain Beginnings...

I strongly believe that we live life on the waves of change. Sometimes the waves are barely perceptible swells, and sometimes they are gargantuan tsunami-like giants. Whether one is faced with the latter or the former, there is always a fundamental difference between changes that one can predict and prepare for, and changes that appear as if out of nowhere. So here we are: The summer is over, even if someone forgot to tell the sun to wrap things up – we knew that would happen The kids are back at school – we knew that would happen too The routine of work is restored – we were actually looking forward to that one It is a time of new beginnings and and renewed energy: a time when we get to re





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