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NASA is Sixty! 5 Reasons Why Space Fascinates Us

If you are a space nerd like me, and if you were at the right place at the right time, then two days ago (on the 27th of July) you may have taken the time to check out the total lunar eclipse. What was so special about this eclipse, from what I can ascertain from the writers at Wikipedia, is that this total lunar eclipse: – was the longest that has taken place in the 21st century so far, lasting over an hour and a quarter – occurred simultaneously with their being 180° difference between the geocentric longitudes of Mars and the Sun. Meaning that Mars was the closest it can get to the Sun, and was also particularly close to our planet. Apparently this happens every 25, 000 years. So if you

The Greater Good — Society versus the Individual. A Change Management Dilemma

An often debated philosophical dilemma is one that sets the common good against individual interests. There are philosophers like Socrates who argue that the society's interest is the greater good and that it should always trump individual interests. There are other philosophers, like Aristotle, who argue that 'it depends' on what the greater good is, and that individual interests should never be completely thrust aside. So here's a real-life dilemma that I have adapted. One that has not yet been resolved. For people who deal with change professionally, or who are interested in human dilemmas, it is an interesting scenario to ponder. Meet the key players: Helen: senior manager, manages Jack

Eclectics Unite – We're Allowed More than One Favourite!

I was recently honoured to be interviewed about myself and my chosen profession. The interview consisted of about twenty questions, some of which were easier to answer than others. In order to be as authentic as possible, the idea is not to overthink these things. Just to share the first thing that comes to mind. As a writer, this is not an easy task, because your answer embodies a calling card. It is hard not to be self-conscious. However, putting the writing aside, my real challenge was that I found myself stumped when it came to a particular type of question. I am confounded by questions that begin with – "what is your favourite..."/"what is your least favourite..." . Even when I am ask

What Extreme Natural Phenomena Can Teach Us About Change

Over the past two weeks there have been some minor earthquakes in the area where I live. I can't say that I even felt them, although I was woken up rather abruptly a few nights ago – why I couldn't say. So I will take the word of local news channels. Then there are the Thai youth football team, forced to wander deeper into the Tham Luang Nang Non cave, because of flooding caused by rain which blocked their exit. As of yesterday, a daring rescue operation brought them to safety: despite the ongoing downpour of the monsoon. This achievement can summed up in briefly as follows: persistence, technology & hard work. The will of humankind determined to overcome the hand of nature. There's more: re

The Message is the Most Important Thing – Not the Medium

I have been 'collecting books' ever since I can remember. Without thinking about it too much, books and living expenses both fall into the category of 'basic necessities' – everything else is nice to have. I have the same attitude when it comes to getting books for my kids. If like me, while wandering through a bookstore, they see a book that they would like to read, I don't really count it as a gift or a special purchase. If the book has found them, it apparently possesses some message that they need to hear. To my dismay, as I have mentioned in previous blogs, they are not avid readers like me. They generally prefer to curtail my wanderings before I enter the book shop. They know that for

Two Eyes Good, Four Eyes Better...

I would like to report a personal victory, and I owe it all to George Orwell. For the avid readers among us, it is impossible to imagine a world without books. If my mother is to be believed, when I was a toddler, she would give me a pile of papers, magazine and pictures, and I would be distracted endlessly. Reading is not just escapism, learning, enjoyment, or enrichment. It is more like oxygen and water: it is pure sustenance. So, it is with some degree of disappointment that none of my kids seem to need or want this energetic force. I know that each one of us is different, and that his or her inspiration and drive is fuelled by diverse triggers; however, would it be so awful to have one

The Right To Let Go

A very important life lesson is learning to let go, where 'letting go' could refer to many things: – Dropping certain responsibilities, professional accountabilities and tasks – Weaning off from regular habits, conventions and activities – Recalibrating set thoughts, perceptions and beliefs It could also, quite literally, refer to saying goodbye to some individual or collective who will be changing their locale for whatever reason. In change management processes it is essential to make room for letting go. Whether it be in order to enable people to express grief, or to separate ceremoniously from what is being left behind, and even to celebrate it for what it was. These are all important em





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