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10 Quick Storytelling Tips

You have been asked to share from your vast experience and knowledge and would like to make the reader experience as engaging and as interesting as possible. How about considering storytelling? Here are a few tips: 1. Know your audience. The story needs to be adapted depending on who you tell it to... No matter who you are – IT specialists, lawyers and alternative healers – whoever – professionals will be engaged if you talk directly to their interests and experiences. I was once at a motivational speech, wherein the speaker told sport analogy after sport analogy to a crowd of hackers and cryptographers. For the vast majority of the audience, the references were boring and irrelevant at best

RESPECT! Aretha Franklin, the Written Word and the Act of Creation

With songs like 'Respect', 'Think', 'Natural Woman' and 'A Change is Gonna Come' drifting in and out of my mind, and with the world honoring the late, great Aretha Franklin; once again I think of the impact that the written word has on humankind. While it is true that in some cases Aretha was the vehicle of these words and not necessarily the writer, her role in bringing the message of these words to a broad, wide and diverse audience in a meaningful and impactful manner, is no less than social evangelism in a time wherein social media didn't yet exist. For the writers amongst us, Franklin's achievement and the achievement of her accompanying songwriters represents a challenge, a riddle and

A Shoutout to Scribbling & Doodling

There are many well-documented ways to be creative. In a previous post I have lauded the benefits of regimented and structured creativity as a means to bolster alternative thinking. Today I would like to do quite the opposite. Today I would like to speak out in favour of free-handing and free-styling creativity. All that is needed is a blank space and a pen. For anyone who has worked with me, it is no secret that I am a doodler. I tend to explain myself to others who may not be familiar, before offence is taken. I tell them that doodling helps me to listen, to hear and to assimilate information. It also – on some occasions – unleashes associations, ideas and questions that flash through my m

6 Reasons this Outrageous Summer Heat is Inspiring

This is for you if you are: – too drained by the heat to wipe yourself off the floor – cursing the air conditioning for not working when you need it – about to have another shower, even if it is the third one today – meant to be multi-tasking; however, taking another sip of water is about as productive as you can manage. Actually, this is more for me than it is for you. I really, really need a reminder how heat can be inspirational. So here goes: 1: Heat & Energy There is no energy without heat. Everything we do requires energy: dozing in the armchair, using a smart appliance, or even sleeping. 2: Heat & the Sun There is no existence without the sun: no life as we know it, and no life as we





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