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Paris, Get Down on Your Knees and Mourn the Loss of Your Daughter

We, the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, grew up with stories that children should never hear. We grew up with stories of murder, rape, brutalisation, death marches and mass graves. We grew up with stories of days on end without shelter, or nourishment, a winter without shoes or a jacket. We learnt of the shunning of neighbours, co-workers, friends, the loss of jobs, and the loss of dignity. We, with our young ears and innocent eyes, heard of the loss of uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, parents, children, and babies. It is still so hard to fathom. We, the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, are used to our grandparents looking at us, as if we are the ultimate revenge: the reward,

Why I Wrote 'The Place Where We Belong'

When I was in elementary school I wrote a story about a ladybird who was unable to fly. The story was inspired by 'real-life events'. My sister and I, in our many outdoor pursuits, rescued a butterfly with broken wings. We placed her gently in a shoe box. We lined the box with leaves. We set her up on the highest spot in the box, and while my sister shouted words of encouragement, I demonstrated how to fly: running up and down the garden, my arms flapping wildly. My story won a gold medal, my flying demonstration was less successful. Butterflies with broken wings don't stand much of a chance – no matter how much they are encouraged. Incidentally, from the moment that I won that accolade, I

What It's Like to Write a Book

A question that I get asked occasionally, usually with a wide-eyed look of expectation is – what is it like to write a book? This question is not directed at the end result – the publishing, or the release of said book. Neither is the question directed at the creative process, or the so called muse – if there is such a thing. Rather, what people are curious about, is the modus operandi – the HOW. I have been trying for some time now to come up with some sort of coherent response, which is not easy, because all of a sudden the question makes me feel quite self-conscious. So, let me begin with what the process of writing a book is NOT like, for me. Writing a book is not like baking a cake; t

Change Matters

In a world where change is constant, change matters. Of this, I am certain. Change may seem like it leads to only the slightest calibration: how much impact could the following episodes have? It may seem like not so much: – a chance meeting – a serendipitous collision on the stairway – a mixup of luggage On the other hand, the fruition of large-scale change brings the expectation of great impact: – a move to a new home – a divorce – instability and uncertainty at work As a change management professional, I find that the manner in which change impacts us, is something that affects me beyond a mere professional proficiency. I am genuinely fascinated by the ripples, waves and stormy tides that

Seven Reasons Why You Should Hire Good Writers

It doesn't matter whether you are hiring for a writing-related position – such as content writers, editors, user assistance professionals . . . etc. – or, whether you are hiring for any other position, good writers are good for your business and here's why: 1. Good Writers can See the Forest . . . and the Trees Efficient teams that collaborate well are usually made up of team members who complement one another in their skill sets. A very common struggle is to establish a balance between team members who are big-picture oriented, and those who are detail-oriented. Good writers are able to do both. They can zoom out and see the forest, and then zoom in, and see the trees. 2. Good Writers U

Change Management: Walking the Talk

When I talk about change management in organisations, I usually like to stress three main points: One – change is constant. Even while you are in the middle of one process, other processes are already underway. Sometimes you can predict what lies ahead, but other times, you cannot. Two – change is emotional. Like it or not, change is about gain, but it is also about loss. It doesn't matter that the goal posts spell out a bigger, brighter, more efficient future . . . before you get to score, you have to make it all the way across the field. You have to work in collaboration with others. You have to recognise that in order to reach your final destination, sometimes you have to pass the ball ov





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