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Defying The Odds – Zimbabwe And The Balancing Rocks

Sometimes, I will be walking around the neighbourhood and all of a sudden I will be overwhelmed by a smell that blasts me back on a nostalgic wave to summers in Harare, Zimbabwe: a sweet, hazy smell of sugar cane, sweet dill and citrus. Sometimes, on those rare days, when the sun is shining and it begins to rain, I get flashes of a family trip to the granite hills of Domboshawa. Sometimes, when I am faced with questions of magnitude and immortality, my mind invariably takes me back to Victoria Falls. In my memory, I walk through the rain forest with my grandmother and grandfather, almost to the edge of the precipice. It is here that I am reminded that we are less than a drop of water on this

A Compass Without a Map - NaNoWriMo as a Model for Structured Creativity

It is November already, and for me that means that I am settling down and participating in the month-long writing sprint challenge - NaNoWriMo, also known as, "National Novel Writing Month". It will be the second time that I participate, and the second time that I wonder to myself: will I be able to harness the power of Social, self-discipline, and the love of writing, in order to reach the goal of fifty thousand words by the end of the month? The whole concept of the month is intriguing to me - the way I see it - NaNoWriMo provides a framework for disciplined and structured creativity. Sound like a contradiction in terms? Maybe just at first. There are, in fact, several models out there, t





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