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Tell it Loud, Tell it Proud – Author's Day, 2018

An Author's life

Two years ago I began writing my first novel. It was a spontaneous activity: more or less based on a sudden whim. I had left my previous work place, was trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. It was clear to me that I would update my resume and start looking for another job in the corporate world. But then, I sat down and I started to write. It wasn't that simple mind you. The first book that I wrote (The Perfection of the Glass Lemons) began as a conversation – oral banter between my husband and I, as we were vacationing on the Neapolitan coast of Italy. Only, my fingers became 'itchy' and I sat down to type it out. I surprised even myself.

When that was done, the second book that I wrote (The Place Where We Belong), was a challenge that I set to myself.

– Are you done? A little voice inside asked me. Or, do you have something more to give, something more to say?

– I have more to say. I am not done. I answered myself. So, I sat down again and began to write. My resume sat gathering virtual dust.

Ever since then I have two more novels ready for publication, and several stories related to my "other" profession – change management – that are ready, but I am trying to figure out what to do with them. Four novels, two stories, an active blog and more good things on the way – in just two years. I have a feeling that this is not bad productivity, but it's hard to say, and maybe I am not that objective.

More than that, writing has given me so much more:

– An outlet for creativity

– A sense of accomplishment and self-actualization

– An opportunity to work solo

– An opportunity to work flexibly

– A new trajectory for learning and growth

– An insight into the profession and all that it entails

These and many more are the major benefits from my new life.

There is of course, another side to the coin – the flip side: new challenges and obstacles, real issues and real setbacks that simply didn't exist for me before: but that is the subject for another post. On this day – Authors Day, 2018, I just wanted to share my love, respect and enjoyment of being an author, and to give a shout-out to all the fellow storytellers out there – tell it loud, tell it proud!

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