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What's Your Story?

Man staring into broken glass

When all is said and done, we are living through a period of historical significance. These are not times of lightening bolts and instantaneous epiphanies. These are not moon landings, historical assassinations or spontaneous events changing the face of society in a single instant.

These are times when circumstances marinade slowly and painfully.

These are times when home-work, formal-informal, inside-outside collude and collide.

Everyone is affected, as the innards of the workings of our traditional infrastructure and social interfaces lie weak and exposed for all to see.

We are all on respirators of sorts, because while the skies have never been cleaner, there just doesn't seem to be enough oxygen to go around. We have literally lost our depth, our perspective, our sense that we are just a single star in the grand universe.

So what's your story?

What will you be sharing with the next generation in twenty years time, or with those who are currently too young to remember anything about what they lived through?

Is this the time that changed your career path? your work habits? your interaction with your family and friends? Is this the time that you became a better cook/interior decorator/DIY handy person. Was this the turning point to become more well-read, well-versed, learned? Did your strength come from just holding on or or letting go?

Did you shrink or did you grow?

Did you recoil or did you recover?

Did you reject or did you embrace?

We each have an amazing opportunity to envision the story we want to share about this period and the way we were affected. The good and bad news is that it ain't over just yet. There's still time. The plot can still be adjusted.

We don't need a happy ending. We don't even need an ending. We just need to be able to perceive that we are part of a significant and meaningful journey, wherein the steps may be unpredictable, the path may be unclear, but the story that unfolds is one that will resound and impact in a way that is yet to be imagined.

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