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6 Reasons this Outrageous Summer Heat is Inspiring

This is for you if you are:

– too drained by the heat to wipe yourself off the floor

– cursing the air conditioning for not working when you need it

– about to have another shower, even if it is the third one today

– meant to be multi-tasking; however, taking another sip of water is about as productive as you can manage.

Actually, this is more for me than it is for you. I really, really need a reminder how heat can be inspirational. So here goes:

1: Heat & Energy

There is no energy without heat. Everything we do requires energy: dozing in the armchair, using a smart appliance, or even sleeping.

2: Heat & the Sun

There is no existence without the sun: no life as we know it, and no life as we wish it could be. We can berate and moan about the intensity of the rays, but truthfully mankind and planet Earth is nothing without them.

3: Heat & Passion

It may not feel like it at this precise moment, but heat represents passion and desire – not just the physical kind: also the inherent drive that leads you to be the best possible version of yourself. Passion is the will to be the best at your profession, the best possible friend and family member, the best at what you do and who you are.

4: Heat & History

True, history is full of burning infernos, volcanoes, deserts and events that evoke heat as a destroyer. But, regular people become heroes in the face of adversity. The flip side of destruction, are the stories of how humans have challenged the odds, faced the fire and come out triumphant on the other end. The intensity of the heat serves to remind us how the magnitude of the effort required to overcome the obstacle – and how sweet the victory.

5: Heat & Nostalgia

Remember when seatbelts were optional? I used to lay in the back of my parent's station wagon, and watch the sun's rays bounce off the ceiling of the car. At some point, the sun's rays turned into the silver -blue reflections of ripples of water. That's when I knew we had arrived at the beach. What's your nostalgic memory associated with heat?

6: Heat & Time

Our lives are built around cyclical phases: no matter whether one is talking about the turn of the seasons or the way we are born, grow, age and eventually die. Heat is an inherent part of the cycle. It is a reminder that time passes and life moves on. It is a reminder that the wheels of change are turning and we should move forward along with it. We should not become stuck in one phase: an incident, or accident, a moment of calamity or even good fortune. It is all fleeting. This too shall pass.

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