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Founders, Makers, Doers — Hila Aharony

Founders, Makers, Doers is a series of blogs about incredible people who are key players and leaders of significant change, ventures and initiatives. Can't you just feel the energy? Today: the incredible Hila Aharony

Hila Ahrony, CEO

A Brief Intro to Hila Ahrony

Name: Hila Aharony

Bio: Entrepreneur, Lawyer, founder of and owner of Hila Ahrony Law Office. Passionate about social causes and volunteering and helping employees to understand their rights in all circumstances regarding employment law.

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10 Things you didn't know about Hila

1. What I am working on right now

My main focus is currently on the startup that I have founded. Righty is an AI SAAS platform that was built with the purpose to control and assess Payroll risk management globally. Righty checks payslips BEFORE they are received by employees and AFTER. Righty also has unique data mining to produce benchmark & smart data analytics. This is particularly relevant now with so many employees and businesses in flux on account of the COVID-19 virus. We are currently raising our seed-round. has an MVP in place and we are in parallel onboarding new customers and growing the platform.

2. A significant event(s) that has shaped my professional self

I think the most significant event was coming to the understanding that to learn the most, and to be the best, you have to go out and do. You have to be hands-on, in the field, learning from experience. This understanding has shaped the way I have done everything, whether it be working with kids, doing my job as a lawyer, or getting on top of anything new that I have to learn. Derived from this is another understanding that I came to, that if you see something doesn’t work and needs to be changed, you need to just got out and do it. I cannot sit by and leave things to operate poorly. I need to make changes where changes are needed. This understanding has lead me to become independent in many respects; from opening my own business, to leading my own startup. What drives me is the belief that what I am doing is going to make things work better.

3. What are the leadership traits that I admire the most?

I admire self-awareness and confidence. I operate in a world of innovation. You cannot be in this space and have a fear of failing. You need courage to make progress. I really admire the ability to try and push towards results without a fear of failing, and with the understanding that if you fall, you just get right back up. Tony Robbins is a role model for me. I admire his charisma, and the way he motivates and encourages others. I also admire innovators who are like me, my age, like Yael Vizel the founder of Zeekit. I get a lot of strength from seeing how she operates and succeeds.

4. Something that I would do over if I could.

A year ago I presented my startup to 600 people. They were all my target audience: human resource professionals. I kept on thinking to myself, what if I can’t explain my venture clearly? What if they don’t get the value of what I am doing? How can I make them understand that they need my solution? I was so scared and anxious before I presented. I would like to redo the presentation without fear.

5. The three opportunities that propelled my career forward

  • Becoming independent

  • Understanding that I have a problem that I need to solve, and taking this understanding and establishing my startup

  • Establishing a personal relationship with my partner has given me the grounding and stability and confidence to focus on my career and drive it forward. This is not something that I take for granted.

6. The three things that I have done of which I am the proudest

  • I am very proud of the journey that I have decided to undergo.

  • I am so grateful for the decisions I have made over the past year and a half: to become independent, to open a venture, to become an entrepreneur

  • In parallel, I am happy and proud as to how things in my private life are contributing to my everyday success.

7. The most challenging professional obstacle(s) I have overcome

The biggest challenge for me has been to really crystalize my message around my startup. To explain exactly what I am trying to do and why it is so important.This message resonates with me all the time. It helps me to stay strong when opinions differ. It helps me to stay loyal to my journey and my vision. It is a mantra that I am able to now repeat and share with different audiences from different places with different needs.

8. A few words from me to people beginning their professional career

Don’t be scared to make mistakes. Take advice and council from other people who have “been there and done that”. Network as much as possible. Go out and meet people and ask them for help. They will all help you on your journey.

9. Something that I would like to learn in the future

I would like to learn more about Sales, Marketing and Programming. I would like to learn how to code. I have been leading these things in my organization, without any kind of in depth knowledge. But I would like to go deeper. Just imagine that – me coding!

10. The question that I wish someone would ask me…

From where is your courage?

The answer to that question!

My courage is from my home, from my family, from the people who are close to me and who know how to support me and to help me through thick and thin.They give me the courage to try and to fail. And then to try again


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