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Founders, Makers, Doers — Sivan Baram

Founders, Makers, Doers is a series of blogs about incredible people who are key players and leaders of significant change, ventures and initiatives. Can't you just feel the energy? Today: the wonderful Sivan Baram

Sivan Baram, CEO of .radd

(Image credit: Pazit Oz - Studio “BARE”)

Who is Sivan Baram?

l'm the CEO of radd., a smart e-commerce add-on for boosting conversion & traffic via automated video UGC. I'm also a senior content marketing professional leading content marketing related projects for a broad range of global companies and startups. In the past I have worked as CMO, business-development manager, as well as being independent business owner providing branding, marketing and content services to startups.

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10 Things You Never Knew About Sivan Baram

What I am working in right now

I am now leading my startup: radd. a smart tool for e-commerce web sites that automates video UGC (user generated content) uploaded by either customers, brand admins or brand influencers. We provide online e-commerce customers a brand new way to share their brand affinity and turn into brand ambassadors and influencers, and at the same time a highly efficient way to maximize brand UGC thereby increasing customer conversion and attracting quality new traffic to their websites.

A significant event that has shaped my professional self

There have been many significant events, but if I had to pick just one I would say that my army service (in the IDF) was very significant in shaping my professional self. During this period, I realized the extent of my own persistence and motivation. I was once sent to trial for accidentally not field-stripping my M16 after a regular patrol — a serious offence. I was sentenced to stay in the base over the weekend. I had the audacity to challenge the verdict and to argue my case in front of the senior commander, to the extent that the decision was over-turned in my favor. I like to think back on that story at times and remember that the manner in which I handled this issue and negotiated for myself made me realize that anything is possible.

The leadership traits that I admire the most

I admire humor and positivity. I think they are the most notable leadership traits. When I speak of these qualities I am not saying that a good leader should be the joker or the "class clown" necessarily, but I do think that day-to-day working life is challenging to everyone and when the management approach is positive and supportive, employees will undoubtedly get more engaged and will be up to completing any task in the most passionate and willing manner.