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Never a Dull Moment — 4 Tips for Change Seekers Who Need to Work Like Everybody Else

Jumping into unchartered territory

If the curse "may you live in exciting times" is anything to go by, I am pretty cursed at the moment, and I couldn't be more pleased and proud. It is one thing to teach about creativity, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, and another thing to live by it. Yes, I am still doing change management consultancy. Yes, I am still writing. But, when my husband and I began to work on a concept that turned into a business venture — a startup that combines the world of retail and sustainability — that's when I became resigned to the fact that there are some people who manage change and other people who seek it: and I am the latter. Beginning a new venture: jumping into the unfamiliar territory without a map or a compass, is scary but exhilarating. Who knows where I will land up? Who knows what I will discover? But, it is a jump that I am excited to make.

The danger of seeking change for the thrill of it, is the ongoing lack of stability and constantly switching focus. One needs stamina, perseverance and follow through. You can't just focus on new and creative stuff to make things work. Whenever you make a jump, at some point you have to land. You can't free-fall indefinitely. The creation of a new venture requires a stable base with regulations, procedures and processes. Rote things. Paperwork and small print.

Here are four tips for change seekers to work in a stabilising environment:

1— Combine the need for change, with the professionalism and competency to do the other stuff. Everyone needs to do their part to make it work. Being a change seeker doesn't exempt anyone from sharing the load.

2— Understand and accept that there are many parts of the journey: some thrilling and new, and others grounding and repetitive.

3— Surround yourself with great people who are better at doing the things that you may not be good at and don't enjoy. Multi-functional teams present opportunities for everyone at some point or another. Chances are someone who is working with you would prefer to know exactly what to do and how to do it day-by day.

4— When stability is needed in the professional realm, seek change in your personal realm: learn something new, do something new, volunteer. Let change come from another direction.

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