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On the Edge of 2018, Looking at the Upside

Say it is isn't so. Is it almost the new year? You blink and time passes. I am taking a deep breath and am about to do that thing that never comes easy to the likes of me (and many millions of others) – I am about to give myself some credit. After I am done everything that I have shared will be out in the world – like leaves floating on the wind – and I will not be able to take it all back. I know – this isn't an easy exercise, but it is a necessary one. So here goes: the upside of 2018 for R. K. Mayer – the writer, the organisational consultant and just plain ol' me.


AS A WRITER, I published my second novel: The Place Where We Belong. I completed two more novels that are as of yet unpublished. I also started writing a fifth novel. Finally, I made the decision to challenge myself by trying to find an agent for my unpublished novels. This last point was perhaps my greatest achievement, because it required (still requires actually!) taking a leap of faith in myself and my abilities. It would have been so easy to continue to self-publish, but I really wanted to learn and experience what the other side is like.

AS AN ORGANISATIONAL CONSULTANT, I officially opened my own business and have done several workshops and sessions on change management and creativity. I have also volunteered in my local community moderating sessions aimed at resolving conflict in the community. Because I really love learning new things, I did a certification course on mediation. (I am currently trying to decide what to learn next. Any ideas?)

ON A PERSONAL LEVEL, I have two seemingly conflicting achievements: at the beginning of the year I ran my first 10km run and just before the end of the year I delivered a baby! While there is no direct connection between the two, it is not lost on me that long distance running and pregnancy both require focus, stamina and general well being. The major difference being that I have already misplaced the plastic medal from the run that I was so proud of, but the baby is still pretty much dominating my day to day. And so she should.


So there you have it: my year in focus, just the good stuff. Just the major things that I can remember. Before I start breaking down why each achievement is incomplete and imperfect, seconds before self-doubt creeps in and ruins the view, I am going to sign off.

Happy new year! May you always have stories to share.

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