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Starting from scratch...

I'm an hour away from a business meeting. The meeting is to discuss how a particular business in the tourist industry can expand it doors to more tourists, more avenues, and of course, more revenue. I have three models ready to be used in order to capture and align existing resources versus future investments, amongst other things.

These models have been tried and tested. Some of them have been around for over forty years. I have used them before and I will definitely use them many more times for any strategic planning or analysis. Yet, I am tempted to throw them out the window and to try something completely different. I call it ImagineNotion.

ImagineNotion is when creative thinking leads to new concepts and ideas. It is about throwing out the playbook, and saying" let's not start in any place rooted in the here and now, let's not analyse and breakdown existing structure, let's try something completely different." It takes a certain kind of courage to use ImagineNotion by itself. Or stupidity. The reality on the ground gives one so much to hang onto, so much information based on tangible hard facts, but herein lies the problem. By starting from the known, the likelihood of coming up with something new, original, brilliant, creative and unexpected is less likely than by starting with the unknown. There is no suspension of disbelief, there is little room for crazy. There is little wriggle room for completely redefining strategy.

So here I am, tempted, but unlikely to throw out the rule book. Dreaming of a time where the slates are wiped clean and ImagineNotion can herald in a new era of strategic planning.

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