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Like Attracts Like?!

Some pieces just fit together effortlessly...

I have just embarked on a new project which I am really excited about. The project combines two of my passions: change management and writing. The concept is simple: interview a bunch of people from all walks of life, around topics connected to change management. After the interviews are complete, release them as a series of articles. In eager preparation, I have:

— done due diligence

— prepared my questions and tested them

— set up six interviews with diverse people from all over the world. These people are in different professions. They grew up in different places, are from different generations, and were raised in different cultures from me.

So here's where I stand. I have done three interviews so far, and what I have discovered is astounding. The people that I supposedly selected at random, and who are meant to be diverse in almost every aspect, are all remarkably similar — so far— in their attitude towards change. That is to say they are all remarkably positive. Coincidence? I think not.

What each of these people have in common for sure, is that I have been in contact with each one of them at some point in time: through work, or through pleasure. (They may have some other things in common, but that remains to be discovered.) These people and I haven't necessarily met face to face. We haven't necessarily spoken directly or had any personal exchanges. Sometimes our conversations have been over the phone. More often than not, our interaction has been indirect. I can't profess to know each one of them well enough to have guessed what they would think. So the big question is, do I have some kind of subconscious pull to people who think the same as me? Does like attract like? Is it possible that I have instinctually sought out people who are like me, no matter how/where/when they were raised? Or is there a simpler explanation? Is the message that change is constant and that it drives us forward, so universal and obvious, that there really is nothing more to write about? Change matters. .. blah, blah, blah... move it along folks ... my work here is done.

If this is all about me and my inherent tendency to choose like-minded people, two pieces of the same puzzle, here I am wracking my brain trying to think of a way to make it more interesting. So this is a call out to someone who may be reading this: are you scared of change? Do you fear the unknown? Would you prefer to stay safely where you are? Drop me a line, I would love to chat.

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