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Write On Time

When thoughts come together just on time...

There are many ways to write: spontaneously, on demand, on schedule, on inspiration, for fun, for love, for money – or any combination of the aforementioned points.

Of course, if you write when the muse hits you, there is something significant – dare I say, mystical – about the experience. Scribbled notes on used gum wrappers, a combination of lipstick and eyeliner on a coffee-house napkin – these are oddly satisfying treasures to behold. The unlocking of hidden thoughts, the resolution of subconscious problems, that reveal themselves in the most public and/or unlikely of places: these are moments of pure pleasure.

That's why, I feel, that the best way to write, is to write on time. It cannot necessarily be planned, it isn't always clear what is happening until it has happened, and to re-enact or to reproduce the moment is virtually impossible. But the satisfaction of the experience: when an errant thought takes shape and form, and begs to be set free – there is nothing that quite compares.

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