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Why Change Matters to Me

Change matters: tuning a wind instrument as a metaphor for change

Things are in flux always. Everyone knows that.

We are like the strings on a wind instrument that is continuously being tuned. The more the instrument is played, the more the string stretches. Sometimes the strings are too slack, and sometimes they are too tight. But, regardless, in order to get them to play in tune, you got to keep winding them up, or down. The optimal sound, the perfect pitch can't be obtained all the time, because wear and tear is normal. But we always want to keep trying.

Change is in the tuning up of the instrument. To the most delicate ear, change needs to happen regularly and with infinitesimal precision – it needs to be delicately and finely configured. But to most of us, we are just happy if we can play along by ourselves, or join in the chorus and sound as good as everyone else. We sail along on a sea of harmony and only feel the need to tune up when the sound becomes particularly jarring or off.

Change matters to me, because it matters to have confidence in the independent melody that one has.

Change matters to me, because it matters to feel as if one has a clear and meaningful voice that stands out in a crowd – and blends in as well.

Change matters to me, because it matters to feel as if one were a successful part of a greater composition.

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