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Over the past twenty years, I have been a teacher, a technical writer, a product manager, as well as a people manager for some wonderful people all around the world. Since leaving the corporate world, I am now a published novelist, blogger, change management professional and volunteer. One never really loses the other stuff: you just tweak it, repackage it and bring it along with you.

It may interest you to know that I have a BA in English Literature, a Master's in Organisational Development and Consultancy, a teacher's diploma, a technical writer certification and I am also a qualified mediator. I love learning. It keeps me fresh and I get to meet interesting people. 


I live in Israel with my husband and we have three pretty amazing kids who are patiently, and with some delicacy, trying to raise us to be the best possible parents.


When I am not writing, or doodling, or with my family, you may find me reading, or gardening, or with friends. If you do catch me in the kitchen, it is probably a mistake, and I advise you to turn around slowly and walk away.

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