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'Change Matters' is the place where change management consultancy meets creativity, digitial transformation, storytelling and innovative techniques for change.

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Change via Consultancy

Change via Consultancy

What is Change Matters about?

On the Desk

R. K. Mayer is a seasoned leader, manager, moderator, founder, consultant and digital transformation expert. Her consultancy is done on an a group  or individual level​, catering to different types of players

  • Facilitate change management

  • Unleash creativity, innovation and alternative thinking

  • Encourage personal and professional growth

  • Use storytelling techniques to tackle organisational change management topics  such as leadership and team building

  • Facilitate the creation of personal and professional narratives. 

Change via storytelling

My own personal creative journey has lead me to begin writing in many different shapes and forms, including blogging, literature and poetry. It is where writing and creativity meet everyday life and real people in their workplace and at home, that interest me most.

The Perfection of the Glass Lemons

The Perfection of the Glass Lemons tells the story of a loving couple making their way across the beautiful Amalfi coast in Italy. Emma is scared of change, she doesn't like being out of her comfort zone, and she prefers the cleanliness of her own home. Jay, is up for anything, but is not really willing or able to see how much his wife is struggling.

This story came to me as my family and I were vacationing in Italy. When you look around you and everything is so beautiful, it begs the question, what happens if a compulsive tourist came along, who is so stuck in her ways that she is unable open up to the world around her. 

The Place Where We Belong

The Place Where We Belong is self-help fiction, above everything else. We all go through episodes of change in our life - some with a lot of impact and others with less. What is common is that it always requires adjustment to the new reality. This book is about a woman who underestimates the impact of change and the challenges of starting over. From something that she thought she could handle, all of a sudden, she feels herself losing control. The novel is set in Tel Aviv.


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